Adiós 2016. Hola 2017…

Goodbye, 2016! Celebrity deaths aside, 2016 was a challenging year for me as I recovered from the brain surgery I underwent in late 2015. Even if I am technically still recovering from the surgery – full recovery from brain surgery usually takes 2 to 3 years – is hard not to see 2017 as a chance to start a clean slate: The path ahead is completely free for me to exploit without any judgement of what my progress means in relation to my recovery.


2016 was a George R.R. Martin kind of year…


For 2017, I plan to continue using this blog to analyze a variety of (what I consider to be) exceptional film scores. In January and February, I will publish blog posts analyzing the following film soundtracks on the following dates:


January 8th: Arrival


January 22nd: Rogue One


February 5th: The BFG


February 19th: La La Land


February 26th: TBD (depending on the films nominated for the Best Original Score Academy Award category and/or your suggestions)



Even if this list was made with the award season in mind, I plan on expanding the list and announcing upcoming posts in advance. Additionally, in 2017 I also plan on blogging about new topics, including samples and short analyses on my own music, music composition tips, hardware/software reviews, and whatever you all suggest in the comments below.

That said, I love getting your emails and messages, but please do join the conversation by commenting on the posts themselves so others can see them and join the conversation too. Also, feel free to follow/contact me on Twitter @thediegodelfino and subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified of new posts coming out.

I wish you all a healthy, successful, and very happy 2017. See you around the web and here on January 8th, for my analysis of Arrival’s Soundtrack.

Diego Delfino
Diego Delfino
Diego Delfino is an Argentine-Italian composer living in the United States, a film sound instructor at SAE Atlanta, and a former student of LSU, SAE, and the School of Music of Buenos Aires (EMBA). You can find out more about him at, as well as listen to some of his musical compositions.

2 comments to Adiós 2016. Hola 2017…

  • Dave  says:

    Dude I am interested in your analysis of Rogue One!

    • Diego Delfino  says:

      Coming January 21st! Looking forward to hearing your opinion!

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